Skywatching: June 14

Moon and Regulus

Moon and Regulus on June 14
Click to enlarge chart: The crescent moon and Regulus on June 14.

Tonight should be a clear night. After sunset, look to the west and you will see the crescent MOON close to the bright star REGULUS (screenshot from Stellarium). Regulus is the brightest star in the the constellation Leo, the lion, and it represents the heart of the lion.

Many of the stars of Leo are bright enough to see in the city. I like to think of the constellation as having two parts. First, there is a backwards question mark pattern with Regulus at the bottom. Second, to the left (and above, at this time of year) of the backwards question mark is a triangle, with the somewhat bright star DENEBOLA at the tip of the triangle. How many of the stars in the diagram can you see?

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