Skywatching: June 18-19

Moon, Spica, and Saturn

Moon, Spica, and Saturn
Click to enlarge chart: the moon, Spica, and Saturn on June 18 (Image: Stellarium).

The waxing gibbous MOON pays a visit to the bright star SPICA and the planet SATURN this week. Spica is the brightest star in constellation Virgo. It represents a sheaf of wheat that Virgo, the virgin, is holding in her hand. Look to the south once it gets dark, and you can’t miss these three.

On Tuesday, the moon is between Saturn and Spica, and very close to Spica (see chart). On Wednesday, the moon moves to the left of both Saturn and Spica, but it is still quite close, making a nice little triangle. If you have the chance, go out both nights and see for yourself how far the moon moves in its orbit around the earth in one day.

4 thoughts on “Skywatching: June 18-19

  1. […] SATURN, the second largest planet in the Solar System, is in excellent view in the night sky through the end of July. In fact, it will be the only planet visible in the sky on most evenings this summer. Although it is not as bright as Jupiter or Venus, it is still easy to find. Look to the south as soon as it gets dark, and you should see two bright objects about a third of the way up from the horizon. The one on the right is the bright star SPICA, and the one on the left is Saturn (for example, see Skywatching: June 18). […]

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