What’s That Star? Arcturus

ARCTURUS is one of the two brightest stars in the evening sky this summer, easily seen even in the city. You can find it high in the southwestern sky as soon as it gets dark. It’s a beautiful orange color; the orange color means its surface is slightly cooler than that of our yellow sun.

If you have found Saturn and Spica before, Arcturus is high above them. Also, you may know that the end of the handle of the Big Dipper points toward Arcturus, which is where the phrase, “Follow the arc to Arcturus,” comes from.

For more on Arcturus, check out this post from EarthSky.

3 thoughts on “What’s That Star? Arcturus

  1. […] We are getting deep into the summer season now. About an hour after sunset, look straight up. Nearly overhead, you will see a very bright star. That star is Vega. Vega is one of the three stars of the so-called Summer Triangle (along with Deneb and Altair). And the only star in the sky that is brighter than Vega right now is Arcturus. […]

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