Skywatching: September 25-26

Daylight Moon

Did you know you can see the moon during daytime?

The moon is definitely bright enough to see during the day, but we usually don’t think to look for it. Probably the best time to see the moon in the day is when it is near one of its “quarter” phases–specifically, when just a bit more than half of the moon’s face is lit. This ensures that it is in the sky for a significant part of the day while still remaining far enough from the sun to make it easy to view.

We are nearing third quarter right now, so that means that the moon rises just before midnight and sets just before noon. So take a look outside anytime during the morning on the next few days and search for the moon. You will find it in the southwest. I saw it at about 10:30 am on Tuesday morning just above the buildings in the southwest sky.

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