Skywatching: April 14-15, Lunar Eclipse

Total Lunar Eclipse!

Tomorrow night—actually early Tuesday morning—there will be a total lunar eclipse visible from most of North America. The Full Moon will pass into the Earth’s shadow, starting at 12:48 am Central Daylight Time. At 2:07 am CDT, the Moon is fully in the Earth’s shadow; totality begins. At 3:24 am CDT the Moon begins to emerge from the Earth’s shadow, and at 4:33 am CDT, the eclipse will end.

Unfortunately, the Chicago weather forecast is iffy right now. Forecasters are calling for light snow on Monday night with some clearing overnight. If it clears up enough, we may be able to see the eclipse. If not, the next lunar eclipse is not that far away–on October 8. As Sky and Telescope explains, North America is in for a series of four lunar eclipses.

Lunar eclipse July 2000
Sky and Telescope contributing photographer Akira Fuji captured this series of images of a lunar eclipse in July 2000.

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