Brightest Stars VIsible From Chicago: #16


Star number 16 on our countdown is REGULUS, the brightest star in the constellation Leo, the lion.

Regulus in Leo
The brightest star in the constellation Leo is Regulus

Regulus is currently in fine view, as it will be throughout the spring. About an hour after sunset, or as soon as it gets dark enough, look to the south. As you scan upward from the horizon, Regulus is the first bright star you will find, fairly high up in the sky. It’s also about halfway between the bright planets Jupiter (brilliant white, in the southwest–the brightest light in the evening sky other than the Moon) and Mars (bright orange, in the southeast).

If the sky is dark enough, you may be able to spot other stars in the constellation Leo. As shown in the Stellarium diagram above, Regulus is at the bottom of what looks like a backwards question mark to me, but actually the curve represents the mane of the lion, and Regulus represents the lion’s heart.

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