Countdown: The Brightest Stars

Over the next few weeks, I will be counting down the 16 brightest stars that are visible from Chicago. Although the winter evening sky features the largest number of bright stars, many of the stars on the list can be seen in the spring evening sky as well. Can you find them all?

[The featured image is a photograph of Orion’s belt, the three bright stars that line up in the center of that well-known constellation. Credit: Digitized Sky Survey, ESA/ESO/NASA]

Let’s begin:

#16: Regulus
#15: Deneb
#14: Fomalhaut
#13: Pollux
#12: Antares
#11: Spica
#10: Aldebaran
#9: Betelgeuse
#8: Altair
#7: Procyon
#6: Rigel
#5: Capella
#4: Vega
#3: Arcturus
#2: Sirius
#1: Our Sun (Sol)

14 thoughts on “Countdown: The Brightest Stars

  1. […] Now swivel around to face the south-southwest. You should see three fairly bright objects in a diagonal line (see Stellarium diagram below). At the upper right is orange-red Mars. On the lower left is golden Saturn. Between them is the slightly fainter star Spica, which is nevertheless one of the brightest stars visible from Chicago. […]

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