Skywatching: May 11-14

Moon, Spica, Saturn

Follow the Moon over the next few nights, and you will see it moving past the bright star Spica on its way to the golden planet Saturn. The Moon is in its waxing gibbous phase, so it is visible nearly all night long.

Moon, Spica, and Saturn
The waxing gibbous Moon is between the bright star Spica and the golden planet Saturn on Monday, May 12.

On Sunday night (May 11), the Moon is above and to the right of Spica. On Monday night (May 12), the Moon will be below and to the left of Spica (see Stellarium diagram above). On Tuesday night (May 13), the Moon will be quite close to the planet Saturn. They will make a lovely pair in the southeast after sunset.

Finally, on Wednesday night (May 14), the Moon is full. Saturn will be above and to the right of the Moon. So, skies permitting, you can really see how much the Moon moves in its orbit over the course of a few days, and it will visit some bright objects along the way as well.

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