Brightest Stars Visible From Chicago: #9


For number 9 on our countdown, we visit the famous constellation Orion and find the red supergiant BETELGEUSE at its upper left corner. Betelgeuse, like many other stars, has a name derived from Arabic.

Orion and Betelgeuse
Orion is easily recognizable in the night sky. Betelgeuse is the red star in the upper left corner.

Betelgeuse and the constellation Orion are among the easiest things to find in the night sky. Unfortunately, they are not currently visible, as they are lost in the glare of our own Sun. Like star number 10, Aldebaran, they will reappear in the morning (pre-dawn) sky in about a month and be visible in the evening sky again in the winter.

We will visit Orion again later in this countdown, as many of you know, and Orion has been a popular subject on this blog.

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