Venus and Jupiter

This spring, the two brightest planets will put on quite a show. Look for Venus and Jupiter in the western sky at dusk and beyond into the early evening. Venus, the brighter of the two, will be closer to the horizon, and Jupiter will be above and slightly south of Venus.

You can’t miss them. They outshine all the stars in the night sky. Look for their steady light–like airplanes that don’t move. As the weeks progress, Venus will move closer and closer to Jupiter. You can mark the passage of days by looking at how far apart they are from one another. I’ll have more to say about these two planets as the summer approaches.

Here is a diagram from

Venus and Jupiter in May 2015
Venus and Jupiter, May 2015

2 thoughts on “Venus and Jupiter

  1. […] If you look toward the west just after sunset this week, you will see a string of bright lights. The brightest two are the planets Venus (the brightest planet) and Jupiter. Venus is below and to the right of Jupiter, and as the days pass this month, Venus will appear closer and closer to Jupiter. […]

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