Full Moon and Saturn

Skywatching: June 1-2

Skies have cleared over Chicago, so we should be able to see the Full Moon this week. To be exact, the Moon is full at 11:19 am Central time on June 2. This is the moment it is in the exact opposite direction as the Sun (as seen from Earth). Thus, it will pretty much be full on both Monday and Tuesday nights.

The planet Saturn is also almost exactly in the opposite direction from the Sun, and thus, you can find it near the Moon on Monday and Tuesday nights. On June 1 (tonight!), Saturn will be quite close to the moon; you can’t miss it. On June 2, the Moon will be a little farther to the left of Saturn. If you have a good view of the horizon, you might find the bright orange star Antares below.

Similar to last year, Saturn will be in good view throughout the evening this summer.

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