Everything You Need to Know About Tonight’s Lunar Eclipse

September 27 Tonight’s total lunar eclipse begins at 8:07 pm CDT, when the Moon first enters the dark part of the Earth’s shadow. At 9:11 pm CDT, the Moon is completely within Earth’s shadow. At 10:23 pm CDT, the Moon begins to emerge from behind Earth’s shadow. At 11:27 pm CDT, the eclipse ends as… Read More Everything You Need to Know About Tonight’s Lunar Eclipse

Moon and Saturn

Skywatching: July 25 Venus and Jupiter are leaving the evening sky, leaving Saturn as the only remaining naked-eye planet visible in the evening. This Saturday night, the Moon sidles up right next to Saturn, making it especially easy to find. The Cassini mission has been orbiting Saturn since 2004. It has not only been an… Read More Moon and Saturn

Sunset Sky Show

Venus and Jupiter (and the Crescent Moon) June brings good news and bad news. First, the bad news: June 2015 is already the third rainiest month in Chicago history (as measured at Midway Airport). The good news: Whenever the skies clear, June 2015 presents a great opportunity to view Venus and Jupiter at sunset all… Read More Sunset Sky Show